Hi I’m Jørn van der Knaap

Bachelor in Food Commerce and Technology.

I always had a huge interest in food and the techology behind it. After I graduated for my Logistic management and Physical Distribution education, I worked for three years fulltime in a supermarket. In 2009 I decided to start a new study. After an extensive search online I found out that the Bachelor Food Commerce and Technology was the education I liked the most. I never had a second of regret about this decision. My positive qualities are flexibility, teamplayer and an open mind towards new ideas and technologies.


Full name

Jørn van der Knaap



13 Aug 1985 – Dordrecht, Netherlands



Baron van Boetzelaerlaan 10

Dordrecht, the Netherlands







Bachelor Food Commerce and Technology

University of applied sciences InHolland Delft 4 years Course – Graduation March 2014

This bachelor contains commercial courses such as Business Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior, Communication and food technology courses such as Chemistry, Microbiology, Quality Assurance and Dietics.  This course used to be two seperated courses, but the university of applied sciences emerged them so the student has knowledge of both disciplines.


MBO Logistic Management and Physical Distribution

DaVinci College 3 years Course – Graduation February 2006

 This course is about  logistical processes. The student learns all about what kind of machinery can be used for an optimal logistical process and what kind of delivery conditions there are for shipment across the world. Not only were the courses about logistics but also about business calculations.


Work Experience

KTBA People in Food January 2015 – June 2015

Labelling specialist. Checking the labels of food products for the biggest supermarket in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn. The checks contained legislation, the right ingredient declaration, nutritional table, claims and the right rendition of labels for example Skal and MSC. Besides checking the labels I translated the Dutch texts to English. The English texts were used for the translation department to make translations for products in the French, German and Czech speaking parts were the products are sold. Next to these activities I also worked on a database with summaries of all legislation in relation to labelling for food products.


Kuehne + Nagel in Moerdijk – November 2014-December 2014   

Loading and unloading of shipping  containers.


Supermarket Plus ’t Lam in Dordrecht – 2000 – 2009

All-round employee. I worked on several sections within the company such as bread, butchery and the delivering service of the company.


Dyka  PVC parts in Dordrecht   September 2005 –  February 2006

Dyka is a main supplier of PVC parts for sewerage. I Picked the incoming orders and made them ready for transport.



Eco Consult in Culemborg – May 2013 – January 2014

I did my thesis on a biobased product called Champost. This is waste from the production of mushrooms. I had to find out whether is was possible to make a biobased material that is suitable for construction, isolation or a biological plastic. My conclusion was that for now the best application for champost is to generate electricity. A small amount of the champost can be used for the development of biological plastics and other materials. I think in the future biological plastic or other materials made out of champost will be more common in daily used products.


Vrindavan in Rotterdam – October 2011 – April 2012

This company is a young company that makes chocolate products fort he India/ Hindu market. It’s an old Dutch tradition to give each other a chocolate letter on December 5th ( The birthday of St Nicholas). The main product the compagny sold were the chocolate letters in Hindi scripture.  I did  marketing research to explore interesting markets for new outlets.


De Vries Snacks in Dordrecht – June 2010

This company is a large supplier of meat based snacks, like hamburgers, the popular Dutch snack called ‘Frikadel’ the spicey snack Mexicano and many more. This was only a two week introduction internship to get known with the workfield and the kind of compagny that the student most likely will get his first job. It is a real family compagny with employees who most of them work there for decades.


Language Skills

Dutch Language – Native language

English – Good




Since an early age I have a huge interest in history, especially the second world war. I read a lot of books about it and watch documentaries on tv and youtube. I also like to visit reenactments such as the Battle of Waterloo this summer.


Foreign cultures

I have always had an interest in foreign cultures espacially from Asia. I find their architecture very beautiful and have a enormous respect fot their way of thinking. In 2007 I travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia to experience the culture and people there. An experience I will remember the rest of my life.